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So, basically, the whole summary of this Wikia and all that's in it is a fictional feild guide of the AETA, which is a fictional league of highly trained animal warriors fighting humans.

The Story

What is the Quads of Pain? The AETA? What is this? Do you even do what you say you do? Well, some of these questions will get some answers! Let's get to the story. Once upon the present, lived a lion. The lion was in south Africa, in the mountains. As you know, humans kill animals, for either NO REASON, or for flesh. Yum. (Not) Anyway, put it to the animals point of view. The lion was fed up, and by learning from the humans below, simple technology. The lion started gathering millions of animals at his side and all of their brains and knowlage to advance better in technology, than humans today! Using simple polarity, hydrolic power (electrolisys in general), and a special custom alloy, they developed a very cool 'ship'. It was called the Shuttle. Eventually the animals secretly gained a lot of power, in fact they had reinforced bone structures, making them be able to easily walk on two. Through out more time of underground work they got their name from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). They swiched some things around. They made it to Animals for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (AETA). They split up into small militias of four animals. They were then named Quads, because of it. So the names of the militias were Quads of _____. For example, Quads of Pain. And speaking of that, the Vice President's son, Aaron, was supposed to create the last militia of the AETA. He had to pick a word. "We're going to be killing, right?" He asked. and he was right.

He decided the word 'Pain' The Quad Jeep was recently developed. It was obviously a ground vehicle, not like the shuttle. But of course, Aaron had one. He was told that they were soon to move to the biggest Meat capitol of the world: U.S.A. That was going to be the first place they strike. After all of the AETA moved they developed a language, and soon the Quads of Pain was going to be existant. Aaron took his Jeep out to look for animals to add. A Siamese cat ran out of a bush really fast making Aaron SLAM on his breaks, blowing up his jeep. He asked the cat to join and he said, "Meow". He wasn't in the AETA but the lion excepted the cat. They geneticly engineered him and tought him the language. His name, was Ethan. Ethan had been through A LOT in his life. (His parents died in a cat testing lab) He litaraly traveled the world! Now he has a crazy mind. Anyway he is like, octlingual. (If that is a word.)

Aaron was in search of the third. He found an angry Bobcat. He was one of the SCARCE green ones. He just lost his master. Aaron invited him, and he accepted. Now for the last, Aaron found an AETA chipmunk near the same location and he wanted to be in! The Quads of Pain was complete! Or was it? The lion decided to make EVERY Quad Group to have two more quads in the group. Aaron was mad at that.

To pass time away, he went to AETA space camp. That was where they were secretly practicing space prosiedures. Aaron was partnered up with a Turtle and an Owl, named Tech Turtle and Flame. Aaron invited them into the Quads of Pain. They joined. After a month long adventure with them, they went to Wyoming which was where the first strike was hitting. Most of the AETA participated.

Meanwhile, Eco-Terrorists such as Hunters, Slaughter House Workers, and Factory Farmers (Etc.) were developing technology to hold off the AETA. They developed a 'Hunter Shuttle' which was a pod like ship with no wings and was powerful. This war was very bad. The AETA wasn't the only thing that was secret. A human company called G.E.L. was cloning humans for the hunters. The dumbest scientist, Jake Deller, was also the evilest. He snuck of and cloned one fourth of the Human population, of HIMSELF!

Two years later, the Lions rule was sort of turned to whoever draws first blood, we go after. That was decided after Dr. Deller's decease. Now, the AETA is believing that soon we will be at war again.

Our Topic

The Quads of Pain, or QoP are part of the 6 billion AETA (Animals for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) witch is kind of like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) 

How we were created

The Quads of Pain started in Tokyo, Japan where the "canidae pack" were having a reunion. At that time Aaron was 7 (1 in human) and he was playing with the others. There was two big rocks and the little ones (including Aaron) were jumping across. Behind a bush, Sarah Palin sniped out all but 2. One was a COMPLETELY white and one was our strong leader. They ran to get the adults but by the time they got to the rocks, Palin was gone. Since Aaron's 2 bigger brothers were killed he got angry and said a few cuss words and planned revenge! The white wolf ran away to find a dojo to train ASAP hard after losing 8 of his cousins and brothers and sisters.

Aaron's family moved to the USA short after his Dad told him to create a Quad group. And so he did. He was driving a quad jeep and a crazy cat ran in front of him and Aaron slammed the breaks so hard the jeep blew up (lol) He asked the cat if he wanted to join he said "meow" so Aaron took that as a yes. Through out time Aaron learned his name, Ethan . Then he saw the LAST green furred bobcat in the world. He just moved in from Germany. He had a bad temper at the time after LOSING his master in a duel with "Ian " (one of our enemies) and so Aaron asked "You want to plan revenge ,huh? Well join my Quad group. And the bobcat excepted. A few weeks later Aaron was trying not to kill his new HQ mate, Ethan, and he thought, since Aries is alone I need another quad!, and he walked outside and just picked a random animal and snatch it... so he caught a spider, well it looked like a spider but it was "long claw Dorian " who is now Aries' HQ mate.

A few more weeks later Aaron went to AETA space camp for an entire week and met the best elite commanders EVER! Tech - Turtle and Flame .


A short Story

After space camp the Quad shuttle they were flying in got shot and exploded. When it crashed there were animal catchers who threw out the pilots, threw out the elite comanders and grabbed Aaron. They put him in their van. When they got to the shelter some guy grabbed Aaron and took him home. This guy was very friendly. He was a member of PETA. His pet was a member of the AETA! The new owner found out and started digging. He dug up a gigantic hole. He put an HQ in there. Then he dug a tunnel to the door. He put a pipe there. He filled up the top of the HQ with dirt and planted grass. Finally he built a dog house around the end of the pipe.

The next day Techy put an antennae on the new grass. It attached to the HQ. And the antennae was disguised as a tree! But on that day a helicopter blew the owners house up. The owner is now fighting in The Great War of Siberia .


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