This is the delisous Menu for QFH


This is the QFH Logo

QFH, or Quads Fried Humans is what Aaron says is great revenge for the Chikens! QFH copy's what McDonalds does and KFC. Ok I will go step by step of there resipe of all of this stuff:

  1. Put animal abusers in a tiny cage.
  2. Put disgusting corn micsture on spoon.
  3. Shove it all in there mouths.( The will be so full because they got force fed that they might puke. BUT THATS OK!)
  4. Keep feeding them till they're waist is 200" around.
  5. Take all the fainted ones out. ( They ALL should be fainted.)
  6. Hang them legs first on the spinny thing.
  7. Slit all there necks. ( Most should be killed, unconsious or screaming in pain.)
  8. Then boil them in scallding hot water.
  9. Once they are completely red take them out.
  10. Throw them in a large over sized blender.
  11. Take meat out.

Now this is how to make the food:

  • Human McNugget
  1. Take meat then bread it.
  • Meat Balls
  1. Take meat and ball it
  2. Fry it.