This is what God created. Earth. But we don't know if just one god created Earth do we?


God created everything, and made humans to protect animals, but they killed them instead! so god decided to give animals weapons(bee stingers, wolves, cats, and basically every mammal fangs and claws, for example.). so, if you get hurt by an animal and you are a human, then it is technically your fault!

God came up with rules. The humans don't follow them. I will bet that EVERY DAY you disobey a rule. The GOLDEN RULE. And that golden rule, put into a shorter statement is to "treat anybody the way you want to be". Now I know that some of us quads disobey it, like me, a wolf and a cat, like really? But anyway, another big rule is "Thou Shall not kill", that means,in my words,"DO NOT KILL". And us quads also have beliefs. The religious believe of "Hell". Well we think that Hell is where when your is bad as a person who kills chickens for money, then you go to hell. No! WE DO NOT MEAN YOU GET SOAKED IN SQUARCHING LAVA!!!! We mean you go into a chicken, horse cows, body ect. you Get killed and see how it feels! So if you end up in a chickens body and yu survive the extreamly sharp blade if it misses, then yes you will get squarched in hot water and you will die in a matter of minuites. But yeah we don't think God is mean enough to throw sombody in a boiling ocean of lava.